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When should I rekey?

When should I rekey? Easy answer – when you need to reclaim control of the access to your home or business. This could change for several reasons:

1. You just bought a new home, or leased a new business.

2. You lost your keys and anyone could have them, especially if they might also know your address (such as if your car or wallet get stolen).

3. Tenants are changing.

4. Employees are changing – either as a business owner, or because your dog walker/nurse/landscaper no longer needs access to your home.

5. You had a falling out with your neighbor, friend, or family member, and you don’t want them to have access to your home anymore.

Another common reason people often rekey is to get down to one key. This may or may not be possible without changing hardware (see blog entry 2 Common Keyways”). Your locks will have to have compatible keyways to be on 1 key.

And finally, if you bought new door hardware, and want your old key to still work, the new hardware will have to be rekeyed.

So, what exactly is rekeying? We take the hardware off the door, disassemble the lock, and change the “pins” inside. The new pins will read a new key, and previous keys will not work. Hardware replacement is not necessary. Your lock will work the same as before – sometimes better, since we clean out all the internal debris that tends to accumulate over time.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. As a family owned and operated local Tucson business, you don’t need to worry about phone trees or call centers. It’s me or Sixx, every time.


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