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Amazon & eBay car fobs/keys

Why don’t we program Amazon/eBay fobs?

Because they don’t work! We don’t want you to waste your time or money. Here’s something you may not know: we get charged to attempt programming on each device. If it takes 5-6 times and still doesn’t “take,” that isn’t fair to pass that cost on to you.

So what we can offer is a quality fob or key, backed by our locksmith supplier. Yes, it is more expensive than Amazon. Better quality products will never be cheaper than poor quality products.

In addition to the quality issue, when we order your fob, we do your research for you. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing the year, make, and model. Sometimes it’s not. Cars are complicated, and sometimes things change halfway through the model year. We’ve even had identical fobs, with the same ID information, with two different mHz! One worked for our customer’s car, one did not.

This is a screenshot of actual Amazon reviews on just one type of fob, from just one supplier:

So trust us when we say, a few bucks saved will not be worth your aggravation!


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