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2 Common Keyways

This entry will discuss the two most common keyways we see in residential situations in Tucson: Schlage (SC) and Kwikset (KW). Of course, there are many types of locks and many types of keys, but these are the two most common we see on houses here in Tucson. The other thing to note is that both Schlage and Kwikset are brand names and they sell hardware under those names, but their keyways can be under any brand name. For example, Defiant uses the KW keyway, and Baldwin uses the SC keyway. Master Lock and LSDA come in either keyway.

It is not important to know if we are just doing a rekey for you, but if you are purchasing new hardware (from us or a big box store – see Sixx’s video “Residential Hardware Comparison”), you will need to know the keyway. The reason this is important is if you are replacing just your front door hardware, for example, and you buy hardware with a KW keyway, it will not be compatible if the rest of your house is on a SC keyway. You will end up on a 2 key system.

That’s why, when you call Pixx by Sixx Lock & Key, we ask a lot of questions about compatible keyway, color, and so forth. We believe your time and money are valuable, and we want to be as prepped as possible to avoid a return trip. Our vehicle has limited space, so we do not carry one of every style, color, and keyway.

Below are some visuals to help you differentiate if you have a SC or KW key (and therefore which keyway the lock is). But as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!

The two on the left are SC keys, which may or may not say SC1 on it, and are usually triangular. The two on the right are KW keys, which may or may not say KW1, and are usually a pentagon shape.


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