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Lockey Mechanical Keypad

Why we like the Lockey mechanical keypad here at Pixx by Sixx Lock & Key LLC: its excellent quality. It has solid, heavy components made of metal. There is nothing plastic on the inside to wear down. You can choose a 3, 4, or 5 digit access code to punch in. There are several styles, including with deadbolt or with handle. And multiple colors: chrome, brass, white, black, and more.

Best of all: no batteries to die. No computer chip to fry. No wi-fi to lose signal. In Tucson, where it can easily reach 110 in the summer, this is an important consideration if you need the hardware on an exterior door.

Here are a couple of photos. Also check out my video of one in action here.


© Copyright 2021 Pixx by Sixx Lock & Key LLC, photos taken by Sixx the Locksmith

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