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Keyless entry/Keypads

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This entry will talk a little bit about keypads, also known as keyless entry. One thing to keep in mind when installing keypads in our beautiful Tucson desert: temperatures here regularly reach 110 degrees in the summer, even higher in direct sunlight. We don’t recommend using models that rely on batteries or chips if the door will be in direct sunlight for a majority of the day.

Another thing to keep in mind: most models have a keyway for emergency use if your batteries die. If you want your keypad keyway to be the same as the key used on the rest of the house, you will need a model with a compatible keyway.

In addition to style, you'll need to know what options you want. Do you need Bluetooth capability? You will need to be within a few feet of the lock with your phone. Do you want the lock connected to your WiFi? You will need a hub for your home, and can operate the locks from anywhere, but if the WiFi is down, so is your lock. You would need to use the emergency key. Do you want a keypad deadbolt, or a keypad handle combo?

Here are a few types (left to right in photos below):

  1. Completely mechanical, no batteries or chip. Safe to use in Tucson heat. No emergency keyway necessary (no batteries to die).

  2. Electronic deadbolt, fits over your current hardware, uses Wifi/Bluetooth.

  3. Keypad with membrane push buttons, uses chip and batteries. Certain models offer WiFi/Bluetooth.

  4. Keypad touchscreen, uses chip and batteries. Certain models offer WiFi/Bluetooth.

Let us know what you have in mind for your keypad, and we will come up with a secure solution for your home.


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