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About Us

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Sixx the Locksmith has been locksmithing since April 2017. People often ask, how Sixx got into locksmithing. Basically, by a series of coincidences, like most jobs. Sixx has always liked tinkering with small appliances and tools, and if you have met him, you know he’s a people person. This is helpful for the detail-oriented work and customer interactions that go with being a locksmith.

After a few unfulfilling years in middle management, Sixx found himself at a career crossroads. He responded to an apprenticeship opportunity with a company based out of Phoenix, and learned what he could for a few months. Most of what he has learned has been a combination of several helpful mentors here in Tucson, a distance learning degree in Locksmithing from Ashworth College, research, and trial & error.

We were lucky enough to open our first physical shop location in May 2021, near Grant & Oracle, and shortly thereafter, after many years in government work, and handling office work only at nights and on weekends, I have joined the shop full-time!

We like to think of ourselves as a “mom & pop” shop. That means we will go the extra mile for customer service that you won’t find from big box stores, but we can’t work 24/7. We own our business, the business doesn’t own us. So we can’t respond to every lock-out, and we even occasionally take time off.

We look forward to continuing to grow in Tucson, and offering excellent customer service, good communication, and fair & straight-forward pricing!


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